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the candidates, their wives, their running mates all in a sprint to the finish with the election just 48 hours away. the race for the white house is essentially a two year affair. and mercifully the end is in sight. >> reporter: president obama is bringing out star power for some of his final campaign events. pop singer katie parry helped rally his supporters in wisconsin. the president hit four swing
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states saturday telling voters he's kept the promises he's made. >> when i said i would end the war in iraq, i ended it. when i said i would end don't ask don't tell, i ended it. >> today our businesses have created 5.5 million new jobs. >> reporter: mitt romney disagrees. >> you're going to have another debt schooling and there's going -- ceiling and there's going to be a question of a government shutdown or defrom the. dew point that. >> reporter: romney traveled to three swing states. the race is in a dead heat. in a new ad the republican nominee is challenging the president's remarks that quote, voting the best revenge. >> let me tell you, vote for love of country.
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>> reporter: the war of words is likely to continue through election day as the candidates fight for those remaining undecided voters who could swing the outcome. >> i'm sorry, jim, i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. i like big bird, but i'm not going to keep spending money on things to borrow money from china. >> remember that? well more than a thousand puppeteers and public broadcasting supporters reis sponded today with a million puppet march. the intent was to show support for pbs. california has reached an all time high of more than 1800 registered voters.
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but state republicans are not celebrating. republicans now make up less than 30% of california's electort. the secof state's office reports republicans make up 29.3% of the electorate. democrats make up 37% only a slight decline from '08. >> when you're already the minority party that's going to hit you worse than the other party. >> reporter: california has reached an all time high of 18.2 million registered voters. this is because of the online
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voting registration system. >> it is pretty convenient. you can be anywhere in the world and register online. >> reporter: the republicans real problem according to joe tumen is that they have turned off the state's huge hispanic population. >> when it makes it about them and they're sensitive, then you miss the pont to register those to vote in the party. even though other issues might find attraction to that group, you alieninate them when you talk about immigration the way you do. >> many republicans have left the state because of california's high tax rates. >> you have to get good manufacturing jobs back in this state. you have to get regulation down. >> turning to the aftermath of hurricane sandy, the biggest problem right now on the east
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coast is fuel shortages. tankers have got in gasoline, but it's largely being sucked up by first responders. power outages are affecting more than 2.2 million homes and businesses. that is down from a peak of 8.5 million. fema aid has been expanded in new york and new jersey. the billion air renting out mice infested apartments. and a packed house but no giants to be seen. >> good evening. today we had highs anywhere from the mid 60s to mid 70s. warmer tomorrow. but ,,
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imagine paying thousands of dollars a month for an apartment with no heat, leaky windows and something even worse. allison >> reporter: grateful to get a small apartment in this building for $2,300 a month. but right away vivian green started noticing the problems like no heat.
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>> and we were not getting hot water. >> reporter: but the worst, mice. the landlord sent over the handy man with traps, but they keep coming. other tenants have had problems. >> we just went to bed with a lot of clothing. he had the landlord wouldn't return his $1,800 security deposit. >> he said i left the place messed up. >> reporter: that landlord is richard thomas. he owns more than 150 rental units around the bay area and he's imtimeus for just that. -- infamous for just that holding security deposits r these tenets we found last year
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-- tenants were drinking and bathing from contaminated water from a well. thomas was treating it with bottles of clorox. he was forced to install a chlorination system. we caught up with him at a department of building inspection hearing. >> out standing items on the notice. violations are out standing. there's no heat on the property. >> reporter: documents show 72 code violations. for everything from last of permits to water leaks, led paint hazards and rodents. when we tried to ask thomas about that. >> i don't know where you get
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your information. >> we've seen the property. the tenants want to know when you're going to fix this stuff. >> i'm sorry because there is a controversy now as to the truth of the allegations. >> you're saying none of this is true. >> i'm saying i have a big stack of paper and i don't know who you are sir. >> turns out thomas has been a regular fixture here for years. >> i know there was a number of tenants who have stepped forward. >> reporter: big strong says his agency is doing it best it can. >> st. sometimes takes a -- it sometimes takes a length of due process as local laws require. and in the mean time the tenants have to put up with it. >> often the the habbability can be very -- inhabitability
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is very difficult. >> five times. >> like many other who have done the same, he's getting nowhere. >> how is he able to do this? it's not right. it's not fair. >> reporter: as for vivian, a day after talking to thomas, the landlord finally sent clark pest control to check out the rodent problem. after a thorough the spection, the clerk employee told us. >> there's a lot of pipes and stuff which they use to travel, so they could be getting into other units. >> well the next generation of scientists making an appearance at a at&t park today. the bay area science festival was today. kids did all sorts of experimentses and exhibits showing how dna testing works. more girls getting involved
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this year. >> when i was growing up the males studied more science and engineering and there was very few opportunities for females. >> the festival was sponsored by chevron. a lot of science today. >> i still have my third prays ribbon from my science fair when i was in the third grade. hi, everybody, what a day we had and we still have some clear skies outside where the temperatures are pretty much in the 50s across the board. we'll bottom out at 50 in santa rosea. 53 overnight tonight and throughout the peninsula. the weather head lines which you need to know about, first
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off we will have some pap patchy fog developing in the overnight hours. obviously we'll have a sunner and warmer day for your sunday and then record warms expected on monday and tuesday. area of low pressure to the north. high pressure building in. as it does so, we are going to have record warmth on monday and election day. 73-degrees for both teams. back to the numbers. temperatures into the 60s approaching 70 degrees at the beaches tomorrow. 70s will becalmen around the peninsula. 80 degrees in gillroy. 82 in brentwood. low 80s in black hawk.
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low 80s in san ramon. monday and tuesday, record warmth here in the bay area. wednesday is your transition day albeit cooler, and then on thursday we're talking 64 with ,,,,,,,,,,f rain all the way
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noisy leaf blowers could be a thing of the past.
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now the san mateo city council is considering banning them or limiting the days they can be used. one councilman says he's concerned the impact it might have on landscape and yard caping businesses. , an east bay city is looking to get tough on taggers. oakland is looking at beefing up its antigraffiti laws making it a misdemeanor and making city cleanup money available to frequently targeted businesses am of property businesses would only have ten days to clean up graffitta. it will be considered later this month. the bay area's other bowl eligible team. and
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that's elizabeth.n. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us.
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nba, the warriors business. here's the latest from brandon rush. he injured his knee and is out for the year after today's mri revealed a torn acl. the clippers, no andrew boguet. he's trying to come back slowly from the broken ankle, but clay
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thomson, we don't need you big fellah. he hit a three pointer. third quarter, gert jack, the hustle. carl landry, the warriors weren't going away. up 14 with 8 to go. landy 23 points, ten row bound. -- ten rebounds. tied to way on that free ball. less than 90 second left. he had 23 and it came down to this call here. and they call offensive foul. offense. curry draws it. warriors escape, 114-110. they get the 2 and one for the year and unbeaten on the road.
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colorado quarterback jordan web picked up by stanferred as renled. -- stanford. open up a can of -- well, you fill in the blank. hand up to steffen tailor. it was 14-0. now up 38-0 in the 3rd. hogan, 18-23. two touchdowns. stanford was just rolling. they win it, final of 48-0. they are 7-2 over all for the year. and san jose eligible for a ball game for the first time in 2008. they tore apart idaho.
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we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i have a question. yeah?
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how smart do you have to be to have sex? well, actually... uh-uh-uh... can i...? uh-uh-uh... but i was... uh-uh-uh! oh, come on. uh-uh-uh! why do you ask? well, mom's boyfriend's a doctor. yeah? and doctors are supposed to be smart, right? not as smart as they think they are, but, uh... but go ahead. well, when i'm in bed, i can hear them in bed. oh, god. oh, boy. oh, goody. and mom's always telling him that he doesn't know what he's doing. how much do i love this kid? don't interrupt, charlie. go on, sweetheart. so i'm thinking sex must be a lot harder than i figured. i mean, she has to tell him the same thing every night. every night, you say? berta. you had a semi-annual subscription, didn't you? come on, you guys. please?
12:03 am
can't help you. sorry, no. look, jake, it's, it's not that you have to be particularly smart to have sex. both: yeah, look at your dad. jinx. you owe me a coke. think of it this way. suppose you like banana cream pie. i do like banana cream pie. well, good. do we have any? no. well, then, why'd you bring it up? i was trying to tell you something about sex. what does pie have to do with sex? can i jump in? uh-uh-uh! how about me? excuse me, but if i can't talk, you can't talk. am i right, alan? anyway... if you don't tell me you like banana cream pie and i keep bringing home something else... but i just told you i like it. you want to know what kind of pie your uncle charlie likes? uh-uh! oh, come on. i... uh-uh-uh! i'm guessing cherry. uh-uh-uh! please. i've got this. you've got squat.
12:04 am
at this rate, the kid's only gonna get a stiffie at marie callendar's. ok. ok. forget the pie. uncle charlie said, "stiffie." yeah, i heard him. my point is you don't have to worry about being smart enough to have sex, ok? ok. in fact, there are times when brains and imagination are a distinct disadvantage. like when you've been married for 12 years and you're only allowed to do the same three things over and over again... in exactly the same way and exactly the same order, like you're some kind of unthinking machine or a trained fricking monkey. ok. honestly, how much more damage could we have caused? i bet monkeys like banana cream pie.

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